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The Mobile junk and nature playground grew from a small group of early childhood educators, from the Barossa Valley, whose interest in nature and sustainability led us to form a performance troupe (called Funky Nature Time) who travelled around South Australia spruiking the wonders of nature with a sustainability message using music, storytelling and puppets. After the show, hands on nature play using clay, mud, sticks and ‘junk’ helped cement the messages. Soon the nature play aspect, with its hands on experience, was offered as a stand-alone program. Since 2013 we have taken the show all over South Australia (With forays slightly over the boarder) and due to the high demand of the Nature play workshops we have shifted our focus to developing the Mobile Junk and Nature Playground as the only program on offer. The Mobile Junk and Nature Playground comes in many versions depending on the age group. From early childhood (6 months-4 years), pre-school, and primary school the program offers learning opportunities for children that are linked to all the current learning frameworks such as Early Years Learning Framework, My Time our Place and the Australian Curriculum. We offer an educational experience that will transform the child's understanding of the natural environment delivered by experienced early childhood teachers, with current criminal checks, mandatory reporting and first aid certification.